Knowledge Leaps
is a web application designed to make data science and data engineering techniques easily accessible to more people in business through automation and smart programming. It is a platform born of necessity. Scaling a data and analytics business in San Francisco where there is a high demand for smart people has forced us to write software rather than hire people and install granola bars / Kombucha fountains.

This blog will cover topics such as the discussion of UI and UX ideas, Data Science techniques being considered, and some philosophical musings on being a data analyst.

By way of background, I began my career in Computational Fluid Dynamics,  working with Big Data before it was known to be big.  I moved in to advertising for 6 years before embarking on a career in strategy and consulting, a field I worked in for 17 years before setting up Knowledge Leaps.

I am joined on my quest by Rezwan Islam, our lead data scientist, and Chris Antipa, our head of Business Development.